Todd E. Vachon


Clean Air and Good Jobs cover

Clean Air
Good Jobs

U.S. Labor and the Struggle for Climate Justice

Temple University Press (April, 2023)
As we confront the climate crisis and seek environmental justice, a “jobs vs. environment” discourse often pits workers against climate activists. How can we make a “just transition” moving away from fossil fuels, while also compensating for the human cost when jobs are lost or displaced? Clean Air and Good Jobs examines the labor–climate movement and demonstrates what can be envisioned and accomplished when climate justice is on labor’s agenda and unions work together with other social movements to formulate bold solutions to the climate crisis.

Revaluing Work(ers) cover

Revaluing Work(ers):

Toward a Democratic and Sustainable Future
(with Tobias Shulze-Cleven)

Cornell University Press (2021)
Revaluing Work(ers) presents a labor studies perspective on the future of work, arguing that revaluing work is crucial to realizing the promises of democracy and improving sustainability. It emphasizes that collective political action, and the agency of workers in particular, is central to driving this agenda forward. Moreover, it maintains that reproductive work—labor efforts from care to education that sustain society—can function as a crucible of innovation for the valuation and governance of work more broadly. Purchase

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