Todd E. Vachon

In the Media

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Digiday. “How newsroom unions intervene when members get laid off.”

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AP, October 10, 2022. "Large rail union rejects deal, renewing strike possibility."

CNN, October 11, 2022. "The threat of a freight railroad strike is back."

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CBS News, September 7, 2022. "UPS plans to hire 100,000 temporary workers for the holidays."

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Pacifica Climate Radio Hour. "Inflation Reduction Act."

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NJ SPOTLIGHT NEWS, July 15, 2022. “Montclair Starbucks workers are latest to vote on unionization.”

GOTHAMIST, July 14, 2022. “Jousting with management? Medieval Times cast may join NJ’s growing unionized workforce Friday.”

CBS NEWS, July 22, 2022. “Medieval Times performers in New Jersey vote to unionize amid statewide trend.”

NJ BIZ, July 20, 2022. “New Jersey nonprofits receive 1.5M from Bank of America.”

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